Regenstrief Institute
Regenstrief Institute

The Challenge

Regenstrief Institute (RI) is a historic health research organization that creates pathways for better health. Their research has made them global pioneers in biomedical informatics and health information solutions, aging research for vulnerable elders, and advancements in healthcare and patient experiences.

Like many historic institutions, Regenstrief’s challenge in rebranding was not just honoring decades of groundbreaking work, but doing so in a way that was as inclusive of employees as external stakeholders – setting the stage for their new headquarters and laying the foundation for website planning, content development, and other strategic initiatives.

Our Approach

Conducting research and interviews across the organization (from scientists to center directors, program managers to administrators) led Regenstrief to a realization – while everyone was deeply invested in the science, it was the ultimate impact on improving people’s lives that fueled their work. Our branding focused on building a human-centered, genuine brand reflective of Regenstrief’s patient-focused, people-centered work.

The Brand

Our revamped, modernized logo preserved Regenstrief’s much-loved visual palindrome (meaning it appears the same whether right side up or flipped upside down), while casting it in a lively blue supported by a geometric sans serif typeface.

Deeper into the brand system, we opted for a complete transformation – inclusive of color palette, photography, textures, and visual styling representative of the Regenstrief team’s transformational aspirations. These options gave Regenstrief a flexible system usable across trade shows, presentations, and collateral, not to mention in displays, signage, and design elements throughout their new headquarters – a truly immersive brand experience.

The Website

Carrying forward the fresh, research-infused brand – we then worked alongside Regenstrief’s team to design and build a modern, user-friendly website focused on sharing stories of ultimate impact, while also giving room to the myriad areas of focus within Regenstrief to showcase their work, team members, and partners.