Driven by the desire to “teach as we do,” we are proud to offer learning experiences for growth-minded individuals and organizations. Join us for a workshop or let us know how we can customize an event for your team.

All of our workshops and trainings are customizable. We can host online, at your place, or an off-site retreat center. Our offerings range from two-hours to multi-day learning experiences. Whether you need a few hours to re-energize, inspiration for professional development, or a full-day staff or volunteer retreat, our team can accommodate your learning needs.


Reimagining Mission Delivery 

Using design practices that optimize collaboration, idea generation, and dynamic problem solving, SmallBox will lead custom workshops with individual nonprofit organizations that will help teams imagine critical pathways and develop actionable plans for multiple scenarios. Participants will identify the actions, resources, and processes needed to generate flexible plans for unknown futures. SmallBox will then produce a “Playbook” for the organization that will serve as an actionable guide for decision makers. 

DESIGN THINKING 101 (2 Hour Workshop)

A Human-Centered Approach to Problem Solving

Learn about the design thinking process, a powerful framework for understanding and solving complex problems. Design thinking has been all the rage – Harvard Business Review says it’s coming of age and Deloitte cited design thinking as a top ten trend in HR. So what’s all the buzz about? Let us debuzz it for you in this interactive workshop.


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