Methodist Health Foundation
Methodist Health Foundation
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The Challenge

SmallBox partnered with the Methodist Health Foundation to serve as a strategic partner for the organization. Through a series of initial exploratory sessions, the team identified a core need to better understand and communicate the value of philanthropy in healthcare; what motivates people to give?  

Our Solution

Using participatory design research, we gathered stakeholders and community members and asked them to respond to a series of custom scenarios. Working in teams, they were given a fundraising challenge and asked to brainstorm ways that they would fulfill their healthcare-related need. 

This human-centered approach allowed us to learn directly from audiences, deriving qualitative data and empowering them to create their own solutions. From these solutions, we were able to deeply understand attitudes, behaviors, and motivations related to the foundation and fundraising, which ultimately led to key insights and recommendations.

The Results

The insights generated from these sessions provided the foundation with new ways to better connect with and inspire their audiences. Actionable recommendations were then provided for use in new outreach initiatives, along with planning guides to better support their implementation efforts.