Endangered Species Chocolate
Endangered Species Chocolate

Endangered Species Chocolate is an Indianapolis-based company with a truly global impact. While a commitment to high quality ingredients and fair-trade practices makes their product one that you’ll be happy to indulge in, it’s their conservation-focused mission and give-back promise that made us long-time fans even before they were a client.

The Challenge

When Endangered Species Chocolate asked if we could help with their new website, our team was beyond excited to dig in and learn more. As long time fans of the chocolate and the organization’s conservation-focused mission, we knew this was a project we could sink our teeth into.

ESC has a very loyal fanbase, and the new site needed to keep those individuals in mind while also expanding their market reach — embracing a lifestyle brand and reaching new audiences with interests beyond the mission, vision, and values that ESC remains committed to.


A Strategic Partnership Focused on Igniting the Impact of ESC

Our work focused on 5 detailed audience personas. After spending time getting to know these audiences, we worked alongside ESC to identify key user goals and design elements of the site. A key challenge was balancing the story of what ESC stands for and just how good their chocolate actually is! We knew we needed to elevate the later without taking away from their impact story.

During this time, the company was also working to repackage all of their products so we worked closely with the team to ensure the website designs paired nicely with the new packaging.

Taste-Testing with Our Key Audiences

Moving into interactive designs, we recruited participants who matched our audience personas and invited them in for testing. The testing was designed to ensure the individuals could easily complete key actions on the site while also gathering their opinions on the overall look and feel. Using insights from what we learned, we modified designs and then brought the site to life with development that created an easy to manage experience on the back-end.

An Aesthetic to Match the Caliber of Care & Quality

ESC is a unique company that stands for something bigger, follows through on their commitments and offers a high quality product. The new site designs are the culmination of this — honoring the mission’s story while showing off some of that high quality chocolate we all love.