Sarah Herbert
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Sarah Herbert

Senior Design Director

Sarah is passionate about designing for the human experience and improving the lives of those around her.

Sarah’s gifts of visual design, process design, and empathy give her the unique ability to craft solutions that deeply connect with audiences. Her creative mediums range from watercolors to wireframes. As a creative leader, Sarah helps others visualize what often seems beyond their grasp.

Sarah is a graduate of Herron School of Art + Design. Her favorite project work involves solving complex problems by putting people at the center of the solution. Whether it means going out into the field to collect contextual data, using visual sensemaking to identify opportunities, or designing experiences to meet people’s real needs, Sarah enjoys everything about the design thinking process. Building on her love of learning and co-creating, she led the team that developed the SmallBox design thinking educational workshops.

Outside of her role as Design Director, Sarah dabbles in painting and illustration, likes to travel, and enjoys trying all the best food Indy has to offer.

 DiSC Communication Style: SC – Support, Stability