Katelyn Redelman
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Katelyn Redelman

Research Strategist

To call Katelyn a research geek is an understatement. She is a research guru.

With a degree in Anthropology, Katelyn is obsessed with understanding people’s perceptions, motivations, and needs. While she enjoys number crunching and data analysis, her true passion lies in the qualitative. With empathy and curiosity, Katelyn explores the why and in turn, helps provide our clients with extraordinary insights into themselves and those they serve. 

Conducting surveys, interviews, and focus groups isn’t Katelyn’s only superpower. She’s also a master at deftly managing the details of projects, enthusiastically supporting clients, and translating complicated information into refined insights and strategies. These skills combined with her contagious joy make her a treasured addition to any project. When not deciphering data patterns and creating project to-do lists, Katelyn can be found hiking the trails at state and national parks or when the conditions are just right, paddle boarding on her beloved standup board. But if you really want to get to know Katelyn, take her to a local coffee shop and see what magic happens. As she states, “I’ll use a lot of words and drink a lot of coffee—both with good intentions, sometimes with hilarious results.”