Jenny Anderson
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Jenny Anderson

SVP of Accounts

Jenny’s strength lies in her ability to calmly give order to chaos.

She is a master at taking something messy or complex and giving it structure and process. Her ability to get into the details with clients as if she is part of their team, allows for accurate and realistic project planning. From an early age, Jenny learned that she likes work and takes pride in a job well done. Her dedication to her work pays off in every engagement.

Jenny started working at county fairs at age 14. At 15 she started creating efficiencies in her work on her paper route. Jenny’s hard work translated to her education as well, she finished high school at the prestigious Indiana Academy, then double majored at DePauw University, and finished up her academic accomplishments with a MA from Indiana University.  After graduation Jenny joined a digital marketing agency and polished her online search skills. Leveraging those skills she moved to Indianapolis and joined the IMA’s marketing team. 

Though Jenny loves her work, she also knows that a good run and lots of baby snuggles serve her well. When not connected, she enjoys being outdoors and hiking, traveling, and has a passion for animal welfare. She is a self-proclaimed crafter and her favorite night out is a night in with her family.

DiSC Communication Style: C – Accuracy