Eric Davis

Eric Davis

Creative Technologist

Eric is not just a fantastic developer, he’s also a creative strategist and clear communicator; a combination so rare, we call him “the unicorn.”

No matter the challenge, Eric tackles it with intelligence and persistence. His innate calm and curiosity bring a zen-like vibe to any meeting he’s in, and his passion for problem solving means that he will go the extra mile to provide the best possible outcomes for our clients. With a background in sales and marketing, Eric understands our client’s hurdles and can speak their language when thinking through creative technology solutions.

Eric’s love for helping those around him may only be surpassed by his love of music — a passion so deep it led him to buy a local record store with friends. But if you really want to know what drives Eric all day long, it’s a constant stream of Starbucks coffee and NPR in the background. And while he can seriously do just about anything, don’t ask Eric to keep a house plant alive. There’s not enough coffee in the world for him to be able to tackle that.