Strategic Planning

Let’s be honest. Strategic Planning is a complex and messy process. You have multiple stakeholders, too many priorities, and a tracking system focused more on vanity metrics rather than measures of true impact. Oh, and on top of that, you are worried that you’ll spend a lot of time and money on a plan that rarely gets attention, and certainly isn’t used as an action plan to move forward. 

Sound familiar? Let us help! 

Through years of experience, we know that the process is as important as the product when it comes to strategic planning. Sourcing ideas from diverse perspectives, catalyzing collaboration, and generating buy-in from the entire community all fuel your plan’s long-term success.

Our project plans are designed to honor and leverage the unique qualities and perspectives of your organization and your community. Through collaborative and engaging stakeholder conversations, we are able to identify what stakeholders all have in common, and identify the shared outcomes they all seek. These community priorities guide our work to ensure collective achievement. 

Questions We Help Answer

  • How might we engage your stakeholders and community more intentionally in our planning processes?
  • How might we be more innovative in the way we plan for and deliver educational experiences?
  • How might we be more inclusive of all voices in the way we plan for and deliver our experiences?
  • How might we create a more actionable strategic plan?
  • How might we calibrate an already-existing strategic plan to account for change?

Want to see an example plan?

In 2019, we partnered with Warsaw Community Schools to help the draft a vision for their 2021-2025 strategic plan. Each year since, we have joined them for a “calibration” retreat bringing together their teachers, students, and the larger community celebrate successes and plan for the year ahead. Take a look at their 2022 Strategic Planning Magazine to see their plan and its outcomes in action.

Case Study


We conducted state-wide ideation sessions to generate buy-in and inform a progressive strategic plan

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Case Study


We empowered and trained community ambassadors to collect qualitative data for a transformational citywide strategic plan

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Case Study


We facilitated and themed stakeholder sessions throughout the strategic planning process — from kick-off to implementation and drafted action plans?

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