Planning in Times of Uncertainty

Planning in Times of Uncertainty

The past two years have brought rapid, tumultuous change to almost every aspect of our lives. For many organizations, navigating the complexity has become a moment-to-moment process.

As uncertainty overburdens tactical operations and clouds long-term vision, how do nonprofits look farther into the future, become more flexible, generate capacity, and create multiple strategic pathways to sustainability and success? How do some organizations use this moment of disruption to reimagine themselves through the lens of their stakeholders and audiences?

From mission to programming to income sources, now is the time for organizations to examine opportunities for innovative change and bold transformations. 

Download Framework Worksheets

If you’re ready to get the ball rolling and feel confident in managing the conversation with your team—great! Start by generating your list of who should attend the session and create your plan for how you will host and manage it, safely in-person or virtual. If needed, work to get buy-in from your leadership team to ensure everyone is on board. 

While we hope the training and tools provided will guide conversations with your team, we also know that extra support can be a game changer. We’re here to facilitate discussions, provide perspective, and create accountability for your team.

How SmallBox Can Help

Level 1: Session Facilitation
Two members of the SmallBox team will facilitate the exercises outlined in the webinar. We’ll kickoff with a call to learn more about your organization and team culture. This will help ensure we’re equipped to equalize voices in order to identify the best opportunities for your organization. We’ll also work with you to determine the best format for the workshop based on team preferences and safety protocols. After the session, we’ll provide detailed notes on what we heard and recommendations for next steps. 

Level 2: Session Facilitation + Roadmap
This offering includes everything in Level 1, but we’ll continue our work together creating a roadmap for your organization. After the workshop, the core team will regroup to refine what was explored in the workshop and help you create a detailed action plan, identifying clear next steps, ownership, action items, and possibly even KPIs.


We're here to support you during this extraordinary moment.
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