Community Engagement

Community Engagement is core to our work. We develop strategic, comprehensive, and inclusive strategies to amplify voices and affect change. As practitioners of human-centered design we co-create with stakeholders and community members in the development and execution of meaningful engagement strategies. Our collaborative process focuses on developing rich connections generating short-term insights, and long-term, trusting relationships that benefit all.

This innovative approach to engagement leads to:

  • Understanding the needs, gifts, and social capital of a community
  • Amplifying voices in under-appreciated populations
  • Minimizing negative social impact by including community members in decision-making processes
  • Anticipating possible outcomes and unintended impact of a project
  • Highlighting assets (tangible and intangible) within communities and encouraging collaboration between residents

Our Methods

Though our strategies are fully customized to ensure each project is community-based, past methods of Community Engagement have included the following.


  • Public Meetings
  • Digital, Grassroots, and Traditional Communications Strategies
  • Websites


  • Surveys, Interviews, and Focus Groups
  • Online Forums
  • Workshops
  • Door-to-Door Outreach


  • Community Storytelling
  • Community Mapping
  • Participatory Design


  • Working Groups
  • Community Ambassador Training and Toolkits
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