Three Reasons Why Your Neighborhood Needs a Brand
December 23, 2019

Three Reasons Why Your Neighborhood Needs a Brand


When’s the last time you thought about the story of your neighborhood? Who are your neighbors? What serves as the cornerstone of your block? How do people celebrate? Why do people choose to live here in the first place?

All of these questions (and more) can be used to inform a neighborhood’s message. And while a visual identity is important, a neighborhood brand is more than just a logo on a light post banner. Here are three reasons why a neighborhood brand matters.

1. To build a sense of place for your current residents.

Your current residents have invested in your neighborhood, and they have many stories to tell. What if their stories—the things they love and admire about their neighborhood—were woven into the brand you create? By listening to your residents and incorporating their voices in the branding process, you can create a unified neighborhood story that sparks pride. In doing so, you create a sense of place for your current residents, providing both an identity and message that they can relate to.

2. To convey professionalism when seeking resources.

How many times have you sought out funding, only to find yourself wishing you had a brand to make your request seem more official? Creating a neighborhood brand conveys a sense of professionalism when seeking resources, especially when you’re applying for grants of buying land. Simply having a visual identity at the bottom of your page (or perhaps even a website to send someone to) can strengthen your application.

3. To attract new residents who connect with your neighborhood’s story.

While brands can strengthen the social fabric of our neighborhoods as they exist now, they can also serve to attract new residents. Creating a brand can (and should) be a strategic, market-driven decision. Your brand should position your neighborhood as unique, highlighting what makes it different than those around it. That being said, creating an authentic brand will bring in new residents who truly connect with your neighborhood’s story. At the end of the day, isn’t that what we all want? Committed individuals who are willing to invest in their homes and their neighbors.

The next time you spot a neighborhood logo, take a moment to think about what the story of its residents might be. To them, it’s so much more than just the brand—it’s an extension of their own identity.

This sounds great—I’m all in!

Are you a neighborhood association or organization that is ready to create a brand for your residents? Contact us! We’re here to design alongside your residents, creating a brand that truly captures their stories and highlights your neighborhood’s assets.

Pssst! Can you help us find funding?

We totally get it! Neighborhood associations are often times operating on shoestring budgets. If you’re seeking a philanthropic partner to fund your branding project, we’re happy to support your efforts (including creating project presentations and joining meetings with funders).