eX Summit – Mapping an Employee Experience
August 21, 2017

eX Summit - Mapping an Employee Experience


When we go to a conference there are some of us who want to leave inspired and some of us who want to leave with practical tools we can apply in our workplaces. In our session in early August at the eX Summit, we catered to the latter group.

We hosted an interactive one-hour workshop that introduced the concept of proto-personas and journey mapping in the context of creating employee experiences. Traditionally, these tools have been used by marketers when discussing customer experiences. We want to make sure that in addition to paying attention to your customers, you’re taking conscious care of your employees.

Here are the highlights of what we covered:
Three categories to consider when thinking about employee experiences are:

  • Culture – They way things get done, how people treat each other, communication between departments
  • Technology – How is your technology helping or hindering employees?
  • Environment – What is your physical space like, and what does it inspire?

Examining and changing employee experiences doesn’t always have a hard cost associated with it.

Tools to use when considering employee experiences:

  • Proto-Persona: An adapted version of a research-based persona created using secondary research and educated guessing. Typically includes: Demographics, Behaviors, Needs, and Goals. Walking these proto-personas through your employee experiences can provide new insights.
  • Journey Map: This tool creates a sequential and flat version of an employee experience. In our session we created a journey map for a new hire’s first day from their first hour to their last. We explored what actions a new hire takes, what technology and people they interact with, and what their resulting thoughts and feelings are. Using all of this information, we identified high and low points of a person’s first day. Seeing an experience in this visual way allowed participants to identify pain points and gain points of the experience.

If you missed us at the eX Summit and are interested in learning more about these tools, we are here to help! We are actively looking for opportunities to share these tools with HR and recruiting teams. Look for more workshop opportunities at Smallbox in the upcoming months or feel free to host us at your company.