Elevating Your Brand through Typography
August 09, 2019

Elevating Your Brand through Typography


Why does typography matter?

Typography is often thought of as a designer’s obsession. We nerd out over things like tight kerning, seamless ligatures, and striking hierarchies. While it may sound technical, here are three reasons why typography (as well as font selection) matter to your organization and your audiences:

1. It helps to express your personality and voice as an organization.

Much like with verbal communication, it isn’t only about what you say that matters but also how you say it that greatly affects how information is digested. This is also applies to written and visual communication. Elements of typography such as the layout of your text as well as the fonts you use can all greatly affect this. Through the use of effective and mindful typography, you can better convey to your audience the voice and personality of your organization.

2. It helps build credibility and displays professionalism of your organization. 

Whether you like it or not, people often deem the credibility and professionalism of companies and organizations based solely on appearances, even if they have had no prior knowledge or past engagements. As this is the case, typography often plays an important role in this. Your audience could easily mistaken poorly executed typography with an unwarranted lack of credibility of your organization. However, effectively used type can greatly boost your organization’s appearance which would in turn make it more credible and professional in the eyes of your audience.

3. It makes your content easier to understand for your audience. 

As it is essential to be able to effectively communicate to your audience, typography can play a huge factor in this. Through typography, it can help to create a hierarchy of information, which would help in conveying what is important to you and your organization. Through hierarchy that’s created through typography, this helps to break down large bodies of text into smaller and easier to digest content. Through this, it ultimately allows for your organization to better convey who you are to your audience.

Don’t have a budget for typography? Here are some free resources to consider.

Whether you’re developing your new brand or looking to broaden your font collection, free fonts are a cost-effective way to add to your design toolbox—because they’re free! Since there are countless websites that offer free fonts, it can sometimes be an overwhelming search to find ones that are both high quality and on-brand. Why is it so difficult? Most free font websites don’t include licensing for their fonts (which gives you permission to use it legally) or offer a poor selection of fonts to choose from. To make browsing for free fonts easier, here are a couple of quality resources to check out! If there’s any other resources that you feel should also be mentioned, please post a comment below.

Google Fonts

Check out Google Fonts

Font Squirrel

Check out Font Squirrel

Lost Type Co-Op

Check out Lost Type Co-op


Check out DaFont


Check out Fontfabric