Rachel Stull
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Rachel Stull


When Rachel was a kid she dreamed of one day being an astronaut or an inventor, two professions that highlight her unending curiosity and her love of exploration.

As she got older she discovered that these two qualities also aligned with web development—a profession that allows her to creatively problem solve, explore new ideas and solutions, and continuously learn.

To be both ambitious and easy-going is a magical combination that few individuals possess. It means that each day Rachel is ready to do her very best for our clients and has an unparalleled drive to succeed. It also means that she is nimble and open-minded, pivoting as needed to find the right solutions for each project she tackles. These qualities, alongside her warmhearted nature, make her a valuable colleague and really, just a lovely human being.

In and outside the office Rachel leverages her knowledge and her creativity in order to make the world around her a better place. Passionate about learning, she finds joy in constantly exploring new ideas and information. (If you get a chance, be sure to ask her about one of her favorite subjects–Japan!) She’s also an accomplished artist and photographer, having won awards for both over the years. So while Rachel may have never made it to space as an astronaut, we think you’ll agree that she’s an out-of-this world addition to the SmallBox team.