Neil Kjeldsen
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Neil Kjeldsen


Neil has an unparalleled aesthetic and eye for detail that has been known to inspire tears of joy.

Neil Kjeldsen (the “j” is silent) is a rockstar designer with an expert’s curiosity about the future of design and a core commitment to delivering high quality work consistently and reliably. He also happens to be a bit of a rockstar in his free time.

You can rely on Neil to bring a considerate and calm demeanor with a keen focus on the best approach for your design projects. Whether it’s web or print or other, his work continues to impress clients (and us all) time and time again.

Although Neil is known for his clean aesthetic, he’s not afraid to get his hands dirty. His professional career started in landscaping as he joined the family business during his high school and college summers. He began college at Indiana Wesleyan, and later transferred to IUPUI as an education major, but within a year found his true calling was not in education but in design. It was during this time that he brought his conceptual designs to life as a major in Media Arts & Science. Aside from a short hiatus to pursue personal and freelance projects, SmallBox has been Neil’s professional home from the beginning and we are happy to have him back on the team.

Neil is most excited about his new role as a rad dad. Outside of SmallBox he loves playing music, bicycling, house parties with his wife Liz, and everything Scandinavian.

DiSC Communication Style: CS – Accuracy, Stability