Colin Ulin

Colin Ulin

Technology Consultant & Web Programmer

Colin is a unique kind of Developer, in that he never intended to be one.

With a background in psychology, an endless curiosity and desire to learn new things, and a direct communication style, Colin is one of the best Developers we’ve ever worked with. His experience, skill, and ability to assimilate technical information at light speed create efficiencies within every development project he touches.

When Colin wanted his first personal computer, his parents told him he would need to earn the money himself. So he became the ‘help desk kid’ for the family computers in his neighborhood. Eventually, to no surprise, he built his own computer and taught himself to code, and soon created an app that landed him third place in a national competition.

Colin later attended Earlham College and studied Psychology before joining SmallBox as an intern, and quickly becoming our lead Developer.

Today, Colin lives in Africa with his wife. He often finds himself in village markets seeking foods that remind him of home and takes vacations that include gorilla tracking. He continues to lead our development projects and provides consulting guidance from afar. Except, of course, that one day he surprised us all, and showed up in person for what was supposed to be a Skype call.

DiSC Communication Style: Di – Results, Action