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We're so happy to have met you.
At SmallBox we are passionate about helping others and supporting mission-driven organizations. Having partnered with and volunteered for housing-focused nonprofits, our team is passionate and energized by the work you do and impact you make. Thank you for considering us as you take next steps in relaunching www.quadel.com.
A strategic partnership focused on igniting the impact of Quadel's website.
At 10 years old, the website has outlived most, but its content is stagnant, its goals are unclear and its purpose is missing. This engagement is meant to change all of that.
  • Goals of the new website include: making it a one-stop-shop for landlords, housing authorities, people who need resources and information; positioning Quadel as a reliable and knowledgable resource which will ultimately help the organization win more RFPs.
  • Quadel is currently working on updating its brand and messaging — the new website is a natural extension of this effort.
  • Audiences include: prospective client (cities, housing authorities), professionals participating in training (landlords, property managers, employees at the housing authorities) and current clients.
  • Functionality considerations include: a calendar, Mailchimp integration and potentially Salesforce integration (currently using Ungerboeck for event management but may be moving away from that).
  • Content will be revamped internally.
  • Internal research has been started to collect initial thoughts and wishlist items from the business development team.
  • Launch goal: mid-to-late Fall

Estimated Investment: $36,500 – 47,500

The Project
Bringing you and those you serve into the design process.

Our approach is deeply rooted in the process of human-centered design, often called design thinking. This non-linear methodology encourages new perspectives and sparks innovation inside even the most traditional organizations. Our work is defined by asking questions, synthesizing input, embracing and managing uncertainty, and understanding people and their unique needs.

Below, we’ve outlined our intended project plan. The timeline is broken into high level phases, followed by a brief description of each, including tasks and deliverables to be conducted and developed. Please note this is a rough estimate and all of our services are scalable. We look forward to working with you to customize the plan to best fit your needs.

Research & Opportunity Analysis
This phase will focus on empathy-driven design research to help us identify audience needs and site goals that will invigorate its purpose and impact. We’ll work as closely as we can with those you serve (internally and externally) to help define accurate perceptions, experiences, and context. Research may include interviews and surveys, as well as a content and analytics review of the current site. After research, we will identify insights and opportunities before regrouping to review with the core team.
2-3 Weeks
Our human-centered design approach puts people at the center of the problem solving process. Quadel will help recruit any audience members and stakeholders needed for the success of the project.
Project Phase Deliverables
Project Kickoff
Existing Research Review
Audience Research
Insights & Recommendations
Planning gives the best ideas an overall strategy and framework that will inform production. Details begin to come together and we will experiment with prototypes. During this time, we’ll bring our teams together for what we like to call a Factory Day (thank you, Andy Warhol). This will be a creative and collaborative day focused on reviewing the opportunities and co-designing key elements of the site. Bonus points if we’re also able to include potential or current customers! What we don’t finish during the session, we’ll wrap up within the week as we prepare for designs to begin.
2-3 Weeks
This is a highly collaborative time. Once the sitemap is finalized, this will be a critical time for the Quadel team to begin content production. We have found the amount of time a client will need for this is often underestimated.
Project Phase Deliverables
Functionality Requirements
Asset Inventory
Building upon initial wireframes from planning, we’ll begin to shape the rest of the site’s foundation moving into designs. While content production and editing should begin as soon as the sitemap is defined, this is a critical time for Quadel and those managing content — whether written, visual, or media-based. While SmallBox can project manage and support content, Quadel will be responsible for content production, editing, and population of content in the CMS.
3-4 Weeks
Optional add-on, during this phase, we can also conduct UI/UX testing, focused on messaging, functionality, or look and feel, etc.
Project Phase Deliverables
Design (5-8 custom templates)
Content Support & Coaching
UI/UX Testing (optional add on)
Development & Launch
Once all designs are approved, our developer will bring the site to life. This can be a quieter phase for the project team, but it’s a good time to think about launch announcements and finalize any content. About half way into development, the team will gain access to the CMS and content population can begin — moving all content from the staging environment to the CMS. Upon completion of development, QA will ensure the site properly renders across devices and browsers.
3-4 weeks
During this time, we recommend the Quadel content team block a couple of days to populate content in the CMS, which we can help support.
Project Phase Deliverables
CMS Training
Content Population Support
Post-Launch Support
Once the site is launched, we will roll into a support agreement. Should the site need maintenance or support you can email support@smallbox.com and we’ll respond within 24 hours (usually less than that), with additional questions or a timeline and estimated cost. To ensure a seamless experience and optimal efficiency, when possible, we make every effort to ensure the developer who builds your site will also manage the support requests.
These contracts are usually an hourly agreement at $200/hour, but we can also discuss a retainer and therefore a discounted rate.
Project Phase Deliverables
To be determined upon need
Case Studies
We co-create with our partners.

Everything we design is informed by you and your audiences. Our approach ensures that we include feedback from many different people along the way, resulting in a custom solution built to make experiences with your brand better from the inside out. The outcomes we create together speak to who you are, who you serve, and where you want to go. Browse a sampling of our work below.

Our Team
We’re driven to work alongside mission-focused organizations.

While each team member is unique, we all share four common values:

  • Curiosity. It’s no accident that our headquarters is in a historic library; lifelong learning is a prerequisite to being a ‘Boxer.
  • Courage. Strategic, intentional solutions & big visions require tough conversations, and a partner willing to offer a transparent perspective.
  • Collaboration. We partner with organizational teams in search of creating stronger solutions together, seeking to learn as much as we teach.
  • Caring. We default to listening & understanding, and are fueled by the passion and people of mission-driven organizations.

To learn more, say hello to a few of our team members.