Recapping Factory Week with Exodus
March 27, 2017

Recapping Factory Week with Exodus


Last week we put a new community spin on our biannual Factory Week, and we’re so proud to present the new Exodus website:

Exodus homepage.

The website took shape early in the week through creative sessions that focused on sitemapping, wireframing, and audience journey mapping. It quickly became clear that the website should emphasize two things: stories and impact.

To do that, Sarah made great use of the Exodus photo library, showcasing client photos wherever possible. She dedicated a whole slide on the homepage to the hard numbers behind Exodus’ work. And Colin built out a fun interactive map to depict all of the home countries of Exodus clients:

But beyond the website, updated collateral and messaging, and a $10,000 a month Google Grant, Factory Week took on a personal meaning to the SmallBox team. The opportunity to help Exodus better reach donors, volunteers and champions, and in turn, better serve their client base allowed us to not only take a stand in the current political climate, but to do our part in making sure that Indy—the community we’re all so passionate about—is welcoming to all.


The first big up goes to the Exodus team. From jumping into our creative sessions and writing blogs to cranking on website copy and letting us sit in on classes and intake sessions at their office, they were flexible and accommodating, which helped us hit the Friday deadine.

I’d like to specifically call out our lead project partner and Exodus Director of Development and Communications, Elizabeth Standiford, who handled everything we threw at her all week long! She didn’t hesitate to roll up her sleeves along side us.

We also have to send a huge shoutout to Granola Video for creating a tear-inducing brand video, and to Skyler Creative for beautiful photography. Thanks to them for taking time from their normal commitments to help us tell these meaningful stories.

Exodus family. Exodus family.

To read more in depth about our week, head over to the Factory Week blog.