It’s the End of the Year: Look Outside
October 16, 2019

It’s the End of the Year: Look Outside


It’s a transitional time of year here in Indiana. The trees come alive with color, we pull out our warm sweaters and boots, we search for opportunities to drink hot chocolate and sit around fires, knowing the beauty and fun of fall will soon come to a bitter cold end. It’s interesting that as we personally walk our sidewalks or take hikes to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors, this is a time where many organizations focus their gaze inward. Inside organizations, team members are organizing and assessing budgets, hosting retreats, and conducting team planning sessions to discuss the future. We, at SmallBox, are doing similar things as an organization, AND we will remain vigilant about seeking ideas and insights from outside of our organization (even when it’s cold!).

Our guiding star for projects over the past several years has been the design thinking process, which emphasizes being people-centered and empathetic. End of year planning is not the time to stay focused internally. It’s a wonderful opportunity to look outward for ways to move forward and improve in the future. You can’t understand what’s going on around you by sitting at your desk in an office. Remind your team members how the great work they’ve done this year benefits their customers, families, and communities. Continue to see the value of external realities and keep the door open to new ideas and information. 

As we plan for next year we’ll be asking questions and seeking guidance from our past, present, and future clients, along with community leaders and advisors. We look forward to making it through the cold weather by building warm and authentic relationships in an effort to make a larger impact on our community. If we aren’t able to connect with you before the end of the year, we’ll definitely see you in 2020!