Finding a Center
March 26, 2020

Finding a Center


We are in the midst of an extraordinary moment filled with tremendous juxtapositions. Every day we’re all see-sawing from observing the best in humanity to worrying about the worst. From balancing the demands of work to managing the needs of our families. From feeling despair about the future to feeling the hope of spring. 

Through the highs and lows, in order to find a bit of balance, it’s important to find our center.

For me professionally, I find my center in the values and culture of SmallBox. While I’ve only been a part of the team for a few weeks, I have been a big fan of this company for years. Mostly because of the brilliant work our group does, but also largely due to the amazing zen rock ’n’ roll vibe SmallBox has (think Stevie Nicks meets Jeff Tweedy meets Rick Rubin meets Liz Phair meets George Harrison …). Our ethos has always been a bit of a mashup of philosophy and music. Now more than ever that combination feels essential in order to get through these demanding days. 

As such, SmallBox is sharing two sources of inspiration born of our zen rock ’n’ roll-ness to help you find your professional center during these challenging times:


Over the years, SmallBox has developed philosophies that guide us in our work. We call them “Boxisms.” They keep us grounded and focused on what’s essential. As we navigate through our changing world together (and apart), we sincerely hope that they can also provide a sense of purpose and inspiration to you. Each week for the next few months, look for new Boxisms – our way of building a collective approach in the midst of social distancing.


Since the beginning of SmallBox, we have been a team of musicians and music buffs. Our tastes are varied, but we all agree that a good work playlist is the key to a good work day. Working from home isn’t awful, but it isn’t awesome either. During these weird times, we’ll be curating regular playlists for you with the intention of making your work from home situation a bit more okay-ish.

Need more than philosophy and music? SmallBox is here to help.

With the constant up and down of life right now, brains are getting knotted up and plans are getting disrupted. It’s hard for many to know where to start. We specialize in identifying challenges, uncovering insights, and providing actionable opportunities for mission-driven organizations. It’s what we do best. So if your organization needs help finding clarity or creating an actionable plan during this moment, we can collaborate with you to figure it out. Whether it’s a web project, a communications strategy, a short or long-term strategic plan, or a new brand identity, we’re here for you. 

Things are weird, things are kinda scary, but (work) life goes on. Here’s hoping we all can find our version of zen rock ’n’ roll to keep us centered.