Brand New
July 03, 2019

A Fun Way to Stay Up-to-Date On the Latest Branding News


Brand New

Whether you’re working on a branding project for a client, looking for inspiration, or just looking for fun and interesting articles to read, Brand New is an excellent resource to read up on the latest redesigns and new designs of notable companies, products and organizations from all around the world. With articles and posts written by Armin Vit (co-founder of UnderConsideration, of which Brand New is a division of), they offer a fresh and insightful look at individual branding identities, pointing out what qualities do and don’t work within these designs. These articles often go into all of the facets of branding, from the logo treatment to the system and application of these designs. Before and after images are provided to give readers additional context and visually show the changes in the design and branding of these companies and products. Surveys appear with some articles and allow you to vote by sharing your thoughts about how successful and effective the designs are.

Check it out today and join in the conversation!

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