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Angie's List helps more than 1.5 million members find the best service providers in their area.

They partnered with SmallBox because they wanted to reach and help even more people, which we determined could be accomplished best by improving their page organization and making it easier for their mobile audience to view the site via responsive design.


Data Driven

To begin the process, we reviewed site analytics for Angie’s List and found that the majority of their mobile users were using an iPhone, iPad, or Android device. This knowledge helped inform the display sizes we’d focus on when developing responsive pages.

Because the site is so large and is touched by many hands for different strategic reasons, we prioritized handling specific pages in particular navigation paths that would best serve site users needing a responsive experience.

Sometimes, for technically hairy design challenges, we like to make sense of it all by getting a little analog — and work with some good old-fashioned pencil and paper.
Lydia Whitehead, Design Director
Lydia Whitehead, Design Director


Assessing Content

Next, we examined all of the content on the selected pages and determined the various types of content users needed — noting which types appeared across multiple pages, as well as which content was static or dynamic (pulled from the Angie’s List database).

We flowed the data into a spreadsheet, giving us a 30,000-foot view all of the content needs. Working with the Angie’s List team, we reviewed our handy-dandy content spreadsheet and determined the level of priority for each.



Collaboration Time

After gaining an understanding of the content types and priority, we worked collaboratively with the Angie’s List team to design the new responsive layouts.

Lydia created paper mockups of the various content types and used them to craft different wireframe layouts for desktop and mobile views.

Wireframes became full designs, which were then coded by our developer extraordinaire, Jordan, and handed to the Angie’s List development team for implementation.

We saw a 40% increase in site conversions after the responsive pages launched.
Barrett Young, Angie's List SEO Strategist
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