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When we posted the strategist opening, it wasn’t long before Jenny said, “I know someone who is perfect!” Turns out, she was quite right. Mo came to us with a strong history in marketing at a series of wonderful nonprofits – Cincinnati Horticultural Society, Wilmette Park District in Chicago, and the Indianapolis Museum of Art, where, lucky for us, she crossed paths with Jenny. Add to that a four-year stint as a project manager at a flooring company, her experience as a docent and research assistant at the Oriental Institute at University of Chicago, and her most recent gig as marketer for the Arts Council of Indianapolis, and Mo brought the perfect combination of tactical and strategic marketing know-how.

Like many a ‘Boxer, Mo was brought up via liberal arts education. She graduated from the College of Charleston with a Corporate Communications degree, a focus on journalism, and a minor in Classics. But if you ask Mo, what shaped her the most was participating in Wilderness Ventures as a teenager. These six-week camps (she did a stint in the Rocky Mountains at 16, one in Alaska at the age of 18) focused on leadership, confidence building and pushing you outside of your comfort zone. These made her the naturalist and traveler she is to this day. Favorite and life formative trips include her study abroad in Rome, a girls R&R trip to Turks and Caicos Islands, hiking the Inca Trail, and a “Do I really want to work in PR?” soul-searching six-week adventure in Africa.

When not working, you might find Mo with her nose in a book. An obsessive reader of Young Adult fiction, she’s even writing her own YA series infused with her love of travel and celtic folklore stories her grandma used to tell her. She has previously published a book for children titled Pride and Peridot.

She lives with her husband and son near Butler University. While Mo thinks cereal for dinner would be ok every night, she lucked out with a husband who has a passion for cooking–making almost all of his dishes from scratch including his own sausage and pasta. Together they work toward a low-tech home for their son, featuring a lot of walks and park time. They also share five chickens with their neighbors.

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