"Nice guys finish last, because a gentleman will always put others first."
Dan Fahrner
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Dan Fahrner

Client Service Director

Like several members of the SmallBox squad, Dan joined the team in a roundabout way through his involvement in the Indianapolis music scene. Dan's passion for marketing, however, began in college (between basement rock shows, of course) through the intense Entrepreneurship program at Ball State University.

In 2009, he found himself in the thick of the local music industry running his own tour booking & management agency, while also managing concert production at The Vogue in Broad Ripple. Jeb thought Dan would be the perfect fit to run Broad Ripple Music Fest, and finagled him into it managing that and the SmallBox cultural institution Musical Family Tree.

Before long, he found himself increasingly involved with the SmallBox side of the business, which led to a full-time position as Marketing Director, where he carved out a niche with his passion for SEO, paid search and data-driven marketing. In his current role, Dan gets the most enjoyment from cultivating long-term relationships with SmallBox clients. He obsesses over creating awesome client experiences and taking part in our sales process, all the while spreading joy around the office.

When he's not at work, Dan relishes in family time with his wife and four sons. He is also a gamer, with a proclivity for RPG video and strategy board games. He's wildly skilled at talking while eating. There's even a Tumblr dedicated to this special skill, curated by John Beeler. These days, Dan gets his musical kicks by drumming at Trinity Church in Broad Ripple and with his band, Liz Janes.

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