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Inside the 'Box

We built our team and culture over time, fueled by freedom, creativity and a drive to do good in our community. Every ‘Boxer adds their own flair to the living, breathing fuzzy thing that is SmallBox. How we think, how we interact, how we live out our core values, and what each team member brings to the mix all adds up to our culture.  

What's it like, being a 'Boxer?

Our team is full of curious types, thinkers and doers who are driven to blend work and play. We work hard, but have fun too. We have declared freedom for all 'Boxers. That means freedom in scheduling and unlimited vacation too.  We believe in celebrating the goodness of the week, usually on Friday afternoons in Beer Friday form.

How do we know who fits well with our culture? It’s an energy thing. Are you passionate about life? Do you challenge yourself? Résumés are important, but we want to know what people have learned from life.

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  • Factory Week
    Our company-wide, creative sabbatical.
  • Dan Fahrner

    Dan Fahrner

    Client Service Director

  • 53 - Be Curious
  • Creating Culture 
  • Sarah Herbert

    Sarah Herbert

    Design Strategist

  • Maureen Saul

    Maureen Saul

    Design Strategist

  • 4 - Embrace the Shoe Five
  • Jenny Anderson

    Jenny Anderson

    VP of Operations

  • Abby Schoonveld

    Abby Schoonveld

    Operations Manager