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December 01, 2013

Writing In-Between the (Life)Lines

December 01, 2013

If my writing habits are anything like yours, you could probably use a kick in the pants. When you start tapping your pen against the desk, that might be a sign you need to take a bike-ride through some cool night air, turn up your stereo three notches past normal volume, heat up the morning's cold coffee–or sign up for our creative blogging project, Think Kit.

In addition to the prompts sent directly to you each morning (way before coffee-time, unless you're a third-shifter), we've also compiled a list of "lifelines": blog topics to turn to when your morning is growing slow, or when the home of your muse has an "Out to Lunch" sign dangling in the door.

Try these topics on for size the next time you get a writing (or brain) cramp!

  • What did your workspace look like this year? Did you use a desk, chalkboard, table, floor, or all of the above? What was essential (or completely non-essential) to your workflow?
  • Make a "Top 10" for 2013! Choose your favorite moments, records, movies, sporting events, or any other item and compile a list. Make sure there's a #1!
  • Did you take any wardrobe risks this year? Did you follow a new trend? What item did you wear most?
  • What band (new or old) did you discover this year? How'd you discover them? What one song piqued your interest?
  • What movie made the biggest impact on you this year? Describe the feeling upon leaving the theater (...or sitting on your couch).
  • Did you eat an amazing meal this year? What did you eat? Who was with you?
  • Was there an art experience that stood out this year? What did it look/feel/sound like? What other reactions did you notice?
  • What made you hold your breath in sports this year? What team, game, or athlete caused you the most inner strife?
  • What did you do this year that was "out of the box"? How did you surprise yourself/everyone else?
  • Did technology change your life this year? What new gadgets/software/hardware did you use? What can you no longer imagine life without?
  • What did you obsess over this year? (A topic, project, etc.) How deep did you dig? What was  the result?
  • Post a photo(s) you took this year, but never shared with anyone. Tell the story behind the image.

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