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December 14, 2013

What's A Memory Worth?

December 14, 2013

They say money doesn’t buy happiness. I both agree and disagree, but I got some advice this year that makes me lean towards disagreeing. 

Let me start by sharing a short background story. I moved to Indianapolis just a year and a half ago. For the first year I was here, I rented furniture (I promise this gets relevant). So, when I moved last May I had to buy an entirely new set of furniture. Furniture is expensive, and I’m not made of money, so I walked away from the store without a dining room table.

Fast forward a few months, and I really wanted a dining room table. Why did I want one so bad? I almost never have people over. Even when I did have a dining room table, I mostly ate at the coffee table. But for whatever reason, I just felt like I needed to have one; I even have a rug just waiting for a table to sit on top of it! (I’m so good at Photoshop, don’t you think?)

It wasn’t until I was having lunch with my mother, grandmother and sister that I realized how very wrong I was. My mom asked when and where I was looking at buying a table, and my sister exclaimed [something along the lines of], “No! You don’t need a dining room table. Spend your money on experiences and memories.” When my grandmother agreed, I knew this must be some legitimate advice.

I think maybe my sister just wanted me to come visit her in New York, but I took some great advice away from that conversation. I realized just how silly the notion of needing a dining room table was. I have wanted to travel for years, now, so why had I so seriously been considering wasting my money on a table that would rarely get used? I also don’t really need to travel the world and experience other cultures, but wouldn’t that be 100x more fulfilling and make me a happier person? I think so.

In short, I still don’t own a dining room table; I also don’t plan to buy one anytime soon. Instead, I’m saving my money and planning a trip to Europe: a memory that I’m confident will stay with me longer than whatever dining room table I would have bought.

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