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June 04, 2013

What Exactly Does SmallBox Do?

June 04, 2013

Great question! Although what we do is constantly evolving, due to nature of the web, I'm going to do my best to answer the question: "what exactly does SmallBox do?"

In many ways, tracking that evolution is central to our work with clients- we keep up with the web and help them navigate all the changes. But we also know it's good to get specific since that makes things more tangible and concrete. This blog is an attempt to give you, our friendly website visitor, something concrete and tangible. 

So, how do we describe ourselves? What label or bucket applies to us? Although we aren't fond of labels or buckets if we were to put ourselves in one it would be...

SmallBox is a fully integrated digital marketing agency. 

We have two primary objectives in our work- building modern, people-friendly websites and driving the right people to them. We also work with organizations to get them ready for this to happen- this can include consulting, branding and planning. In essence, our job is to amplify an organization's voice across the web. An organization has to have a healthy voice or no-one will want to listen to it. Healthy organizations have healthy voices. If you are curious to understand our thinking about this we suggest you read another post I wrote: "The Future Of Marketing" that addresses the importance of culture and organizational health in the age of Social and Search driven marketing. 

Maybe a list of services would also help. Although we feel that is sometimes misleading since almost none of these exist as standalone services we understand it helps you, our friendly website visitor, make sense of what we do.

So here's a menu of our most common services, somewhat in order and by category:

Strategic planning
Group facilitation
Asset gathering
Stakeholder interviews
Technical audit
User surveys
User testing
Competitive/Industry research
Discovery brief

Planning, Design and Branding
Branding (logo, messaging, standards, etc)
Creative brief
Interactive prototypes
Style tiles
Design (website and beyond)

Front-end code (Responsive)
Content Management Systems (CMS)
CMS training
Custom programming (backend)
Third party integrations (payment gateways, etc)

Content and SEO
Content strategy
SEO keyword research
Onsite SEO
Messaging recommendations
Content outline
Editorial calendar
Copy writing
Content editing/auditing
Illustrations and graphics

Marketing and Promotion
Marketing plans
Pay Per Click advertising (PPC)
Conversion Rate Optimization
Ad Design
Digital PR (offsite SEO)
Email marketing
Social media marketing
Web marketing training
Event planning and management

Support and Reporting
Monthly reporting
Site audits
Ongoing support

I realize that's a big list and a little overwhelming. How about we start with a conversation? Or you might want to check out some recent case studies.


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