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December 06, 2011

Think Kit: Where Everybody Knows My Name

December 06, 2011

As I think about the different places I visit often, there is one store that I frequent on an almost weekly basis...my favorite grocery store, Trader Joe's! Trader Joe's is my "happy place"- I love seeing what new and exciting culinary elements I can find each week, as well as just picking up my favorites. Many of the Trader Joe's team in Castleton know my name, but even more fun is how so many of their team members know my 5-year-old's name. My daughter is extremely social and very friendly- she loves to meet new people and doesn't know a stranger. She loves going to Trader Joe's to see her "friends" as she calls them, tell them about her week, and of course, get a ridiculous amount of Trader Joe's stickers. We cannot walk through the store without several employees saying "Hi, Zoe!" Although Zoe is a pretty good sport most of the time when we run around town getting things done, she will occasionally protest about some stores, but never Trader Joe's. While writing this post tonight, without telling her why, I asked her "What's your favorite store to go to with Mommy?" Without missing a beat, Zoe's response: "Trader Joe's!"

As much as I love the great products that Trader Joe's carries, I truly appreciate the culture they have created, where their employees make every effort to not just help you find the quinoa, but also to learn your name. I love their commitment to creating a great customer experience every time you are there- and not just for the adults, but for a super awesome 5-year-old girl as well.

This post is part of Think Kit 2011.

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