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November 20, 2012

Think Kit Returns

November 20, 2012

Think Kit

When Lydia and I launched Think Kit last year, we issued a challenge to the SmallBox team to blog every day in December. Being once or twice per week bloggers for the rest of the year, we didn't know if we'd make it all 31 days. We did - but barely! I wrote one of the blogs at 11:30 p.m. via iPhone in the car ride back from visiting family.

It isn't easy, and that's exactly the point. Nothing major would have crumbled if we didn't write all 31 blogs, but it pushed us to think and write more, and made us more comfortable weaving personal stories into our blog.

Building a bit of community was part of what drove us to launch this project, so we shared our daily blogging prompts and invited anyone to join us. To our delight, we had a small group of people writing and tweeting with us, even launching personal blogs to play along. We hope even more of our friends will join in this year (hint, hint! If you're reading our blog, that means you!)

If you're ready to put your thinking cap on:
1. Sign up to get the prompts delivered to your inbox daily in December
2. Add your blog to the list of participants
3. Use the hashtag #thinkkit on twitter to link conversations with other thinkers
4. Meet up in person at our launch event.


Do I have to blog EVERY single day?
No. The more the merrier, but whether you write about one of the prompts or all 31, we'll be happy to have you along for the ride.

Do I win any major awards if I participate?
Nope. This is just for fun, for reflecting on the waning year and to get to know a few new friends on the internets. Wait - you might consider new friends a major, major award. So, maybe?

How far in advance do I get the prompts?
They come in the early wee hours of the a.m. the day of each post. No thinking ahead and whipping out a week's worth of posts at once. For this project, we're focusing on daily blogging.

Do I have to write, or can I try something different?
Please do. Answer with photos. Or drawings. Sing a little song. Or whatever you like to make the project your own.

You seriously expect me to commit to something when I don't even know the topics in advance?
Yep. It's all about taking a leap.

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