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December 18, 2011

Think Kit: New to Me Technology

December 18, 2011

With any new work environment comes a learning curve with new technology. As one of the newer team members here at SmallBox, I finally got the opportunity to break into the world of both Mac computers and iPhones when I started working here in late May.

I had dabbled a bit with Mac computers, but will be the first to admit that the cell phone I had upon joining SmallBox didn't have anything close to a data plan. Yes, I know...I'm a little slow to embrace technology. So, how did I do with all this newness? Within a week of learning some of the fantastic keyboard shortcuts on the MacBook and probably less than a day of playing with my new iphone, I can definitely say I am HUGE fan of these technologies.

I am regularly impressed by the intuitive nature of these products and feel like the learning curve was much more friendly. So although I still don't drool over the possibility of a new iPhone 4S for myself in the near future like lots of people in my office, I can definitely say these new technologies have pushed me over to the Apple side for good.

This post is part of Think Kit 2011.

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