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November 30, 2012

Think Kit Lifelines

November 30, 2012

My first assignment as a SmallBoxer was to help craft blog prompts for Think Kit 2012. As a new member of the team who is unfamiliar with Think Kit, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Blogging every single day of December?! That’s crazy talk! I don’t have a blog and writing a tweet sometimes seems laborious. I simply can’t imagine it. But as we delved into the work, really great prompts began to emerge.

Each prompt focuses on the year ahead and the year behind us, what we want our life to be like, and how we can work to shape it into being; they are introspective, interesting, and spark creativity. They all fall under one of the following categories: BE, DO, MAKE, THINK.

Be Do Make Think

We would love if everyone enjoyed each prompt as much as we do and could write something truly awesome everyday, but sometimes a prompt just doesn’t speak to you. We totally understand, so this year we are introducing Lifelines! These prompts can be used if you need a little help with the challenge. Hopefully, the Lifelines keep you on the right path to blogging every day for December!

Without further ado, your Lifelines!

  • What's on your desk? Do you have organized chaos, or pristine piles?

  • What's in your bag? Let's see those old receipts and cookie crumbs!

  • What are your top 10 favorite things from 2012?

  • What are you wearing? What makes it uniquely you?

  • What band new or old did you discover this year?

  • What movie made the biggest impact on you this year?

  • What food or meal could you eat every day?

  • What three things would you want on a deserted island?

Good luck out there! This will be a challenge and I know you can do it!

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