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December 24, 2011

Think Kit: Handwritten Notes

December 24, 2011

handwritten notes

Several times this year I got handwritten thank you notes in the mail from my good friend Micki.

A couple of the notes were expressing gratitude for small favors many people would have marked with a simple spoken "Thank you." Perhaps because getting handwritten notes has become so rare for me, her cards made a big impact. When most communication happens via text, email and Facebook, there's something intimate and cozy about recognizing someone's handwriting.

Handwritten notes shouldn't be so scarce.
On any given day this time of year, I know I might find a holiday card in the mailbox. Wouldn't it be great if checking the mail was this exciting throughout the year? Thanks to Micki I've been making it more of a habit to spread random mailbox cheer.

If you'd also like to send more personal notes, but don't have the addresses of family and friends, check out Jenny Banner's new app, Addy Me for quick, easy collecting of your contacts' mailing addresses.

This post is part of Think Kit 2011.

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