Stand Out Summer

December 27, 2013

When I started working at SmallBox I never imagined all of the perks that would come with it. Aside from all of our great working environment and my baller coworkers – each one a real piece of work – I have also had the pleasure of getting more involved with Indy’s local music scene as part of my job. A lot of this can be credited to my pal, fellow ‘Boxer and Musical Family Tree Director, Jon Rogers.

Jon’s not in the office today but this is a picture of his desk and his chair. You get the idea.

This summer Jon was given the opportunity to hold the Listen Local Summer Concert Series in Broad Ripple Park and being the good-natured and kind-hearted person that I am, I offered to take some photos and help with setup and breakdown, etc. Hard to argue with, considering that I would be working alongside some of the best people I’ve ever met while enjoying beer and the best food-served-from-a-truck that money can buy, all at an outdoor concert.

These shows were a lot of work – more for Jon, Braintwins Justin Shimp and Jessica Dunn, the folks at the front gate and the folks at Indy Parks than for me – but they were still work.

While there isn’t really one specific moment that stood out for me, at some point during these shows I realized how much more fulfilling work can be when it is something you really enjoy. Sure, everybody knows that, but it's much different when you actually feel it. Thanks for letting me get in your way, Jon! More than happy to help in the future.


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