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January 03, 2016

Put Your Hands Up!

January 03, 2016

I had a goal in 2015 to spend a little less time away from screens, and even more specifically, to abstain from getting sucked into the vortex of Facebook (a place that, for me, became an unhealthy obsession). The year before I had seen a LOT of screen time, much to my chagrin, because of some side projects I signed up for. And those side projects also left me really stressed, which I then tried to relieve by putzing around on the internet (as you might imagine, that didn't work). I wanted to start shifting back to a more reasonable balance and find other ways to manage my stress. This brought me to the physical space more and I picked up some hobbies that let me get a little crafty.

It started simply with an impromptu coloring session one Friday afternoon at SmallBox. Then it morphed into an impulse adult coloring book buy from Michael's. This was such a fun way to start getting back into some analog habits I had put down for awhile. 

I upped the ante by deciding to design my wedding invites and learn calligraphy to address the envelopes. I've loved learning calligraphy (lettering and typography are two of my favorite things about design) and so I started adding it in to my budding watercolor practice. It's really opened a world of experimentation with new inks and papers — a bonus, because I'm also a paper enthusiast! Trying many ink/paper combinations has been a neverending quest of fun and interesting results.

In the culinary world, I reconnected this year with my love of cooking and working with my hands in the kitchen. We honeymooned in Italy and learned how to make pasta from scratch. What a treat! It reminded me of how much I love working with dough and watching a recipe come together.

My goal for 2016 is to continue working more with my hands, evolving my work within these hobbies (painting, calligraphy, cooking), and keeping a balance of screen to non-screen time. 

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Today’s prompt: “No screens, no technology – what did you do with your hands this year?”

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