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December 09, 2013

Pace of Change

December 09, 2013

A couple of weeks ago, during our typical Monday lunch, our team wrote down everything that happened at SmallBox in 2013 on a whiteboard.

We rebranded. Launched our new website. We modified our team structure and made several new hires. Our client kickoff and sales processes got overhauled. We bid farewell to our original office and made a new home in the old Broad Ripple Library. We re-engaged with some old clients and added many new ones. The biggest site in our history launched. We started Nice Grants, Beer Friday Live and Small Ventures. This is just a sample.

It was simply astounding to look at the whole list. We reflect in a similar way each year, and we're always surprised by the amount of change and growth from just a year's time. We look at this growth as exciting (growth is one of our core values, along with curiosity and collboration). Within it, we've learned a certain comfort with change. It makes us more courageous.

On the flip side, sometimes our older clients or contacts don't understand all of these changes. Someone who worked with us five years ago would know us as a more tactical vendor, while today, we're much more of a strategic partner. Even friends may identify us as an internet marketing and SEO company, when in fact, we've become a much more integrated full-service agency. In other words, it can be very challenging to shift perception at the same pace we are changing.

2014 Planning

The following week, we wrote down all of the things we wish for 2014 on sticky notes. We arranged them all together in groups. There were a lot of duplicate responses – it's exciting to see the whole team have so much alignment on where we're going.

One day, as SmallBox ages, we may see this cycle slow down, but it may just be that it's in our DNA to be a fast-moving company, skating on the bleeding edge. We expect when we look at the board again at the end of 2014, we'll see as much or more activity and change as what occurred in '13.

What about you? Have you already done 2014 planning, or begun envisioning major changes for your organization?

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