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December 13, 2013

One Secret About Our Culture Revealed

December 13, 2013

SmallBox is pretty open about our culture. We invest a lot in it, and we're happy to share what we've learned with others. As much as we do share, there are some lesser known elements that happen behind the scenes.

When we first chose our core values, we came up with seven qualities. One of them was fun. Eventually, we narrowed down the values to our top three, curiosity, collaboration and growth, but fun certainly didn't go away. It's what Patrick Lencioni calls a 'permission to play' value. If you can't be fun or have fun, you wouldn't much like working at SmallBox.

Not a day goes by without laughter in our office. We believe in a work hard, play hard balance. I love that my coworkers can be killing it with design one minute, and causing a laugh riot the next.

At some point, the dancing began. It isn't everyday, but often enough that when we wrote our list of Boxisms, "Get Your Dance On" was #37. It isn't a rare occasion to look up from your desk and see someone really breaking it down. The collective dance moves of my teammates are pretty darn impressive. I decided we shouldn't keep this to ourselves any longer.

Behold, one of many dance-related LOLs from 2013:

I've been on the lookout for other dance interludes. I've barely missed amazing examples from Jeb, Jason, and Joe. I need to work on my video capturing game and get quicker on the draw! But seriously, I'm so glad to have coworkers that make every day in the office fun.

Do you have secret, fun things about you work culture? Fess up!

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