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December 06, 2014

My Third Home

December 06, 2014

"Double espresso or green tea?"

The folks at Petite Chou in Broad Ripple have my number. After work and home, I spent more time at Petite Chou this year than anywhere else. I often head over there in the morning to grab breakfast and coffee while knocking out emails, writing a blog or just catching up on some reading. 

I am continually impressed by the quality and variety of food that little kitchen puts out. One of the best secrets in town is their dinner. They shift from omeletes and sandwiches to steaks, fish, crepes, mussels and frites. They have possibly the best dijon horseradish frite sauce in the world. I have something of an addiction to it. Oh yeah, they also have a full liquor license.


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The staff at Petite Chou are amazing. They are friendly and intuitive but give you space to work and talk. They anticipate needs very well. You can tell that Martha Hoover (owner of Petite Chou and Patachou restaurants) has created a very healthy work culture. I love the little sticker on the kitchen window "it won't fail because of me." No surprise that there is very low turnover at her restaurants. 

Sure, Petite Chou isn't the cheapest place in town. Breakfast can run $10-15. But I've never had a bad meal there after giving them 100s of times to let me down. I'm happy to pay for a consistently great experience. 

This post is part of Think Kit by SmallBox Today’s prompt: “Third Place. Work, home, and _____. Where was your third place this year? Did you like it, love it, ...or was it out of obligation? What feeling, sense, or vibe did you get from your third place? If someone can't imagine the scene, give the lay of the land in words. Is there natural light? Is there a certain smell? Bring us inside."

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