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January 05, 2012

Month of Whirlwind Posting

January 05, 2012

One month of whirlwind posting later, we've successfully completed our Think Kit goal of daily blogging. Thank you, thank you to those of you out there who played along, commented on the project or one of our posts.

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We embarked on this little mission to challenge ourselves to blog more frequently, but we had a few other fringe benefits, namely:

  • We had two SmallBoxers write their first blog post for SmallBox. For Elizabeth, it was her first blog post ever (Hooray, Elizabeth!). Adding more voices from the team made our blog feel more vibrant than before.

  • By comparison, our normal level of posting seems much more doable. Was it easy to post every day? Nope. There were days we were down to the wire. Sometimes we had to swap assignments as thing popped up in our schedules. But we did it, and now a blog post a week seems like a cake walk.

  • Internally, we're talking about our blog, ideas, what types of posts we should write in the future much more. There's more enthusiasm across the team.

We're considering keeping the Think Kit candle burning by emailing out a blogging idea periodically throughout the year. Think you might want to participate? Go here to sign up for emails, and we'll keep you posted!


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