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December 11, 2014


December 11, 2014

This year might as well have been the Year of New Friends. In 2014, we welcomed Dawn and Andrew to the SmallBox team. I attended a bunch of community and industry events. I’ve semi-joined a new parish. I even attended a gaming convention with 56,000+ other people. But my biggest friend funnel of the year? Futbol!

Besides the fact that I obsessed over the World Cup and the Indy Eleven’s inaugural season (and Real Madrid’s domination in the Champions League), I got to play so much soccer—and it was almost by complete accident!

Early this year, a couple of other ‘Boxers and I dreamed of playing in Big Car’s Indy City Futbol league, but the sign-ups were super unclear to us (or maybe we were just slow). Did we have to play on our neighborhood team? Because I live near Eagle Creek, and there definitely was no team for that area. What was the roster cap? Because despite how cheap it was, we wanted playing time (an elusive concept for most guys in recreational leagues). Registration came and went, and all the teams were full—kind of.

If you’ve ever played rec soccer, you probably know that the struggle to find girls to fulfill the on-field requirement (plus, subs) is real. As luck would have it, one of my good high school friends signed up for FC Fountain Square, which needed a couple of girls! Score!

FC Fountain Square
Missing some members. Photo cred: Colin 


I’ve got to say, these guys were the best! Did we win the league? No. But did we have tons of fun? Of course! Many of us went on to play in the Circle City Athletics early fall league, and a few of us crazier kids played in the late “fall" league (think: freezing temperatures). Plus, we met up multiple nights a week for pick-up, and now have moved indoors for futsal.

On a team that was made up of almost all strangers (maybe two of which actually lived in Fountain Square), it’s kind of crazy how well everyone got along and that many of us still see each other regularly. I feel so blessed that I got this slew of new friends to futbol with, drink with, talk about TV with, go to church with, play games with—almost all by chance!

One last thought: I just realized that my Think Kit post for the ‘Box blog last year was also about futbol. Figures.

This post is part of Think Kit by SmallBox.
Today’s prompt: Nametags and punchbowls aren't necessary (but we're okay with that!) – who did you meet this year? Was it awkward? Enlightening? Was your first impression correct? Was it accidental & meant to be, pre-arranged, or somewhere in-between? Whether you found a soulmate, held a new baby, or finally trusted someone to style your hair just so, write about a new person (or people) in your life.

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