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January 14, 2016

An Ode to My Cabunda

January 14, 2016

I have this furry little thing that lives in my house. She's soft like a bunny, black and white like a panda bear and happens to have the whiskers of a cat (which she is). I often call her my cabunda - cat, bunny, panda.

Bailey is her name and among her many nuances, she loves a particular pair of my socks. She often hides in my drawer and then drags the same pair of socks to a different part of the house over and over again. (They're green with polka dots, in case you were wondering.) Most mornings, she follows me into the closet waiting for me to pick her up and place her on the shelves so she can get to the drawer faster and easier than if she did it herself. My husband and I joke about this habit, and think of it as Bailey helping me pick out my clothes each morning. 

Bailey Elizabeth Foo Foo McGillicutty Anderson

For today's Think Kit prompt, inspired by Bailey and the imaginary figures one might find in the writings of Shell Silverstein or Dr. Seuss, I decided to write about the cabunda - a little creature who helps people pick out their socks.



Cowabunga! I found a cabunda
hiding in my sock drawer.
Her eyes peeking out
with her little black snout.
Never have I ever wanted more.

Her fur’s black and white,
her ears tall with might.
She has whiskers across her nose.
I reach my hand in and she gives me a grin.
I’m so glad it’s my socks that she chose!

She picks a green pair
for me to wear.
"Oh, cabunda how helpful you are!"
Polka dots it is, cause how could I resist,
her advice is never sub par.

And nobody knew
as I went off to school
that my furry fashionista was there.
But I didn’t care, I sure wouldn’t share,
even if that was the rule.

That night I prayed in my drawer she would stay.
I didn't sleep a wink all night.
Because what if she left? I’d sure be a mess!
And my socks would never look right.

The sun started to rise and I shot out of bed
anxious and scared all at once.
I pulled out the drawer, crossed my fingers once more,
cause without her I'd feel like a dunce.

But you see, that won’t be
because staring at me
were those big green eyes so sweet.
The cabunda, she stayed to show me the way
and teach me how to dress my feet!

This post is part of Think Kit by SmallBox
Today’s prompt: “Animal kingdom. Write an ode about the unending loyalty or the curious antics of a furry friend.”


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