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December 28, 2012

Best Frontman and the Rhythm Section Friends Forever!

December 28, 2012

It is incredibly easy to lose touch with people. For instance, I could be using the time it is taking to write this post catching up with a friend. YOU could be using the time it is taking to read this post catching up with a friend.

But we are older now - there are more demands on our time and some things just fall to the side. Sometimes those "things" are people, friendships, relationships, and so on.

A little while ago a close friend of mine moved out-of-state to take a better job at a great company. We never fell out of touch, but chatting online or over the phone just isn't the same as face to face interaction. We have recently had the opportunity to see each other a lot more, but this is only because my close friend is undergoing treatment for a medical condition here in Indianapolis. I am overjoyed to see my pal, but there could not possibly be a worse way for us to get to hang out again.

That being said, we have great plans.

This person is the other half of the lauded, award-winning musical duo Frontman and the Rhythm Section and we are have talked about recording an album focusing on the themes of infirmity and recovery. As we are, in general, total goofballs, our end-product may miss the target entirely, but we get to rock out again IN PERSON. We are excited…

…and I'm pumped that I get to hang out with my good buddy again. Get better A.T.!

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