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Who We Are

SmallBox is a creative agency focused on helping clients find opportunities, solve big, fuzzy challenges, and build meaningful employee, brand and service experiences. We take a people-centered approach to designing solutions with you. Our services, from branding to strategic consulting to employee engagement, all speak to one goal: partnering with people to create distinctive and meaningful experiences. We thrive on curiosity, courage, collaboration and persistence, and these core values drive everything we do.

We start with curiosity. What is your origin story? Why does your team show up? Why do people do business with you? We want to help you find the answers to these questions.

Courage challenges us to think big—to innovate and push our team and yours to go beyond what's been done before. Change happens outside of the comfort zone.

We default to collaboration. We believe that together is better. Our work together should be a journey full of rich experiences, learning, and play. We even have an in-office Collaboratorium.

Persistence means getting things done. When we commit to you, we'll see it through. If we hit a wall we go through it, around it, over it. Whatever it takes.



We adopted design thinking as our primary toolkit because it aligns with our passion for people-centeredness and pushes us toward more meaningful solutions.

Learning journey

We don’t look at our work together as a one and done project or a list of to-dos. We think of it as a journey. We have expertise in culture, experience design, brand experience, technology and strategy. You bring your own skill sets and knowledge of your industry. We’re in this together, learning from one another as we go.

Two for One

We consider client projects as platforms for learning and change – you get the project outcome while you learn methods to innovate and collaborate.


We come alongside and work with you, not as a vendor who simply executes on tactical matters, but a true partner to strategize and build together.


Work doesn’t have to feel like… well, work. We believe in adding elements of delight and play. If we can’t laugh together, we’ve failed you, and you have the right to request more dancing, silliness or other measures of fun.       

Want to dig a bit deeper? Check out the video below or learn more about our culture.

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    Our team is full of curious types, thinkers and doers who are driven to blend work and play.
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    Feb 23, 2017

    How Do I Know Which Design Thinking Method To Use?


    Feeling stuck? Eliminate your constraints & embrace the methodology!

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