24 Hour Web Project:
2009 – 2015
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A Long Run

24 Hour Web Project is an archived project by SmallBox. It ran from 2009–2015.

Lydia Whitehead, 24HWP founder and our design and user experience extraordinaire, envisioned an endeavor where once per year we would build and donate a website for a local nonprofit, all within 24 hours time. No small feat! But she knew we were up for it.

"24 Hour Web Project pushes us to work differently, to own a piece of the project and to lean on each other too. It reminds me how incredibly collaborative we can be," Lydia says.


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  • Jenny Anderson
    Nov 10, 2015

    24 Hour Web Project: A Recap of Year 7


    A true labor of love, 24 Hour Web Project tests our creativity and our energy. Take a look at the recap of Year 7 to see how it instantly fills us back up!

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